Willow Town Feng He Organic Tea Demonstration Garden is located in Feng He village willow town of Xi Xiang county , owned more than 650 acres of tea plant, get the “Organic Tea Garden Certificate” from Fang Yuan Certification Central.

Tea garden located in the north of Qin Ling , south of Ba Shan. It has the mild climate, abundant rainfall with the appropriate tea planting environment “rain wash mountain make the season like the spring all the time”, the soil which rich in natural zinc selenium.


During the base construction, management strictly according to the organic tea garden requirement from tea planting, plant trimming and pruning, management of water and fertilizers, processing and sales all parts control strictly, forbid to use the pesticide, strictly restricted the fertilizer use and adopt to the biological methods to prevent the disease and insect pests, and detailed farming records, establish and improve the quality tracking system.

The company implements normalisation, standardization, the integration of the production. In recent years, the company has invested more than one million dollars, to promote organic tea garden cultivation management technology, and 
introduction of domestic advanced standard clean tea refining processing production line of green tea and black tea annual output capacity of 500 tons of each line. Peng Xiang brand tea series is famous all over the China due to its pure natural, pollution-free products .


Feng He tea garden owned the advantageous natural environment, and the hills as the main terrain, sufficient sunlight and rainfall, mild climates with weather advantage of north and south of China.  The tea leaves were particularly hypertrophy with the characteristic of aromatic bubble and nutrient rich after produce to green tea due to large temperature difference between of day and night, rich trace element content.