Han Jia Black Tea | Peng Xiang 200g Box Packaged First Grade Kung Fu Black Tea Leaves

Han Jia Black Tea | Peng Xiang 200g Box Packaged First Grade Kung Fu Black Tea Leaves

The Han Jia Black Tea of Peng Xiang brand tea is the treasure of Kungfu black tea. It appears beautiful and symmetry, strips looks tight and flat, good tips, embellish of black color and lustre, good clarity, the tea soup looks brilliant red with the bright gold ring or “cream down” (curding phenomenon), aroma cell, lasting fresh, taste great, sweet and refreshing.

Product Details

Han Jia Black Tea | Peng Xiang 200g Box Packaged First Grade Kung fu Black Tea Leaves

Details of Products:

Product Name: Han Jia Black Tea           

Ingredients : Fresh and Tender Bud of Tea

Grade:  First  Grade                    

Origin: Xixiang County of Shaanxi Province

Storage Conditions: Please keep in the clean, ventilated, dark and sealed places.

Expiration Date: 36 months                

Net Weight: 200g (50bags )

Production Standard: GB/T13738-2008   

Production License Number: QS6107 1401 0009

Production Date: Please see the spraying code

Company Name: Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea  Corp., Ltd.

Company Address:  Food Processing Industrial Park of Xixiang County, Han Zhong City of Shaanxi Province, China.

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Kung fu Tea Black Tea Leaf

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Han Jia Black Tea was developed by the black tea research institute of Han Zhong, as a kind senior black tea which manufactured by Shaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Co., Ltd. The Gongou is necessary for Han Jia Black Tea from tea making to drinking, which processing is unique. To observe and inheritance the eight laws of nature and to combined the people, tea,aromatic substance naturally. The drinking of the Han Zhong Black Tea is very exquisite, which can get the special taste like the seeps of the tea through adhere the standard of “ prepare the tea, choose good water, good tea set, suitable temperature, right time,well stockpile.



Black tea may help you (and your sore muscles) recover more quickly after a workout. Black tea's 'theaflavins' (which are powerful antioxidants) have been found to significantly reduce DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) after an intense anaerobic workout - and shorten your recovery time after exercise, as well.

Black tea can protect against dental plaque, cavities, and tooth decay - and freshen your breath! Black tea (and oolong and green teas, as well) stops the development of cavity-producing bacteria in our mouths, and prevents the bacteria that is there from producing acid. The antioxidants in black tea work to prevent plaque buildup on your teeth, keeping your teeth healthier and your breath fresher! Tea drinkers (as compared to those who turn to carbonated drinks or coffee) have fewer cavities and better overall dental health - whether or not they add sugar to their tea!




The general package is paper boxes, we can also accepted the customer required package for the products, and we can supply the OEM order to customers if you need.


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